19. Journalism Student. Toronto.

Christian Dior haute couture f/w 2014

Uhhhhhhh and my crush was there last night and he looked super cute and once again I didn’t say one word to him. I felt like I was near him a lot of the night, but it’s like the more I want to talk to him the bigger the wall gets between us. It’s so frustrating. He hopefully should be there again tonight and that’s my last chance at making something happen, but honestly at this point I feel like it might just not be meant to be. Which is cool I guess, but I just wish I understood why yknow?

Last night I was at this banquet thing and halfway though the night everyone is pretty drunk and I’m standing with my friend just talking when a guy walks by with his friend, stops, turns to look at me and say “you’re gorgeous” then just keeps walking.

A compliment with no strings attached, how refreshing.

Waiting for the roomies to get up…we agreed on 9 but it’s almost 930


madé (by Babette S.)

Kubrick, An Art Show Tribute

Working in the stood. 
Can’t wait to have this piece up and ready for the show on friday. 

Had a really sick buzz tonight so it made it good but my crush wasn’t there I hope he is tmr